Like in mathematics there are all solutions to all the problems & when you fail there is always room for correction. Take those corrections as your stepping stones to success.Success is obtained by every effort you put each day in your life.Don’t give up,quiters never win & winners never quit,so why quit if you think you are a winner?No one was born knowing everything.


As everything seems to go wrong,as they sometimes will. When life is hard and becomes an uphill task. When your savings are gone and your pockets are empty. When you are dull and can’f afford a smile. When you are pressed down and you cannot rise an inch. Rest but never quit. Life is ups and downs as all of us sometimes learns. Sometimes things seems not to go your way but you must not give up. Success may be just around when it seems very far. Focus ahead always. The jackpot might be very close. Another trial might bring the needed transformation.It’s when you feel you must never quit.