Give a man a bow and arrow and tell him to, “ SHOOT!” and his first response would be, “At what? ” When there is no target there is no purpose for shooting. He could shoot the arrow anywhere and wherever the arrow ended up would be where the arrow ended up. Not much to it. On the other hand, if you gave the archer a target and challenged him to hit the bulls eye – everything changes. You now gave him something to aim at, something to challenge his skills against, something to measure his progress with, and something that gives all of his effort – purpose . All by adding in a simple target. That’s what a goal does to a person’s life – It changes everything. You were given a life and you’ve been told ever since to, “ live it. ‘ Well, in order to answer that question your first thought should be, “By doing what? ” And that is the key focusing question that sets the basis for this list!
Everybody in this world has a different set of circumstances, different set of skills, and a different set of opportunities through which they can interact with the world and find their unique sense of fulfillment. You’re mission in life should be to figure out what your unique, “sets” are and how you can take action to best capitalize on them that gives all of your effort purpose and meaning. Goals are the guiding light that get you there.


You’re the director of your life – you choose where to put the focus. Focus is a funny thing — it changes everything. For example, your focus shapes your life. So if you want to re-design your life, reshape your focus. What I find the most interesting about focus, is where people put their focus. I included a wide variety of examples below so you can see the array of options: yourself, other people, the greater good, how you feel, how you look, how you think, how you act, the past, how you respond, how you react, the present, the future, what’s wrong, what’s
right, what’s black, what’s white, the spirit of the law or the letter of the law, the forest or the trees, the pain or the gain, etc.


It is one thing to recognize the possibilities of change as reality, it is something else to implement it. Fear’s job is to resist change, and make circumstances more difficult, thereby distracting you and stealing another moment. There is a price to pay, and that price is a determination or desire to succeed, and the responsibility to be accountable for your actions. Desire is defined as (v) de- of the , Sire – Father. The father of Creation has presented you with this magic moment which allows you to create the outcome of your circumstances. This means embracing each moment and the endless possibilities it brings for you to paint your own picture of life in a celebration of your choosing. After becoming aware you have the power to choose, the question you have to ask next is “Am I willing to do what I have to do, in order to get what I want ?” This question brings up even more choices. It brings into play your ethics, morals, principles, character, and your willingness to embrace the possibilities. It is possible that what you want violates your principles, ethics, morals or character, and presents you with a dilemma, that what you want isn’t good for you or others. You still get to choose. The price is the consequences or rewards of your choice. You and you alone are responsible for your choices. When you explain it in this way most people will agree that operating with the motivation of Love is the less painful way to live rather than Fear. Beware people aren’t always honest. If they get to this point and are still fear motivated, they have a tendency toward saying what they think you want to hear.


Dreaming is part of life. It depends on the priority being assigned by the individual. I remember when I was in secondary school, I used to give less priority to my French work and when I did my K.C.S.E, I didn’t believe the result I got in the French paper and said that, “I wish I knew.” Regret is a terrible thing, and a dream is powerful enough to bring you regret if you don’t take the chance to at least follow it. Give your dream a good priority to develop and you will find it easy to achieve it, don’t regret any step of your way, just make correction in future of the wrong steps you take today. Like I myself have made correction for the past mistakes for the betterment of my future. Work towards your dream like you will die the next minute, don’t let your dream die on the way. It is better to die working for your dreams than to die not dreaming at all. If a dream is part of life, then without a dream you have died but you can’t realize. You need to resurrect from that death and be ready to utilize the opportunity you have.


Discouragement is one of the dream killer, not everyone wishes for us a good thing in life. What they can do is discourage you from dreaming, telling lies that your dream is un an achievable or no one has achieved it. If you give in to those discouragements, it will be there happiness to see you fall as they rise. These people broke the eyes of others from seeing bigger things. Giving in to these discouragements will destroy your life and you will end up dying without dreaming at all, without a dream your life will be miserable and you will die a poor person. It is better for someone to die before achieving his dreams than to die without dreaming at all. You should make your bad friends to be enemies with your dreams so that in any way they try to divert your dream to a miserable place they would not be able to do so, but listening to their bad advice will ruin your dream and it will be miserable to tell the world. Prove them that you can stand and make self-decision.


Mentoring is a powerful way to learn. Whether mentoring happens informally or through a formal program, it can be magical. So, what is the magic all about? Why are so many people transformed by a mentoring relationship?
Here are my top five reasons:
1. Mentors share their knowledge and help their mentee grow professionally
2. Mentors provide advice
3. Mentors provide objective criticism and helpful feedback
4. Mentors use their experience to help solve a problem in the best way possible
5. Mentors care about their mentees and have a vested interest in their mentee’s success
Part of the magic of mentoring is that it is a symbiotic relationship. Mentors also benefit from the experience. They can be exposed to new ways of thinking or different perspectives. They can further develop their own leadership
skills and often develop both personally and professionally.


“The extra mile is a vast, unpopulated wasteland.” (Me.) People say they go the extra mile, but almost no one actually does. Most people think, “Wait, no one else is here. Why am I doing this?”
That’s why the extra mile is such a lonely place. That’s also why the extra mile is a place filled with opportunities. Be early. Stay late. Make the extra phone call. Send the extra email. Do the extra research. Help a customer unload or unpack a shipment. Don’t wait to be asked; offer. Every time you do something, think of one extra thing you can do–especially if other people aren’t doing that one thing. Sure, it’s hard. But that’s what will make you different–and over time, it will make you incredibly successful.


Stop waiting for the ‘right time.’ Success is a numbers game: the number of times you take a shot.” You’ll never create the perfect business plan, never find the perfect partners, the perfect market, the perfect location, but you can find the perfect time to start. That time is now. Talent, experience, and connections are important, but put your all into enough new things and some will work. Take enough shots, and over time you’ll grow more skilled, more experienced, and more connected. And that will mean a greater percentage of your efforts will succeed. Take enough shots, learn from what didn’t work, and in time, you’ll have all the skills, experience, and connections you need.
Ultimately, success is all about taking your shot, over and over again. Sometimes you may win, sometimes you will definitely lose, but the more things you try, the more chances you have of succeeding. Put the power of numbers on your side. Take as many shots as you can. There’s no guarantee of success, but when you don’t take a shot, there’s a definite guarantee of failure.