Discouragement is one of the dream killer, not everyone wishes for us a good thing in life. What they can do is discourage you from dreaming, telling lies that your dream is un an achievable or no one has achieved it. If you give in to those discouragements, it will be there happiness to see you fall as they rise. These people broke the eyes of others from seeing bigger things. Giving in to these discouragements will destroy your life and you will end up dying without dreaming at all, without a dream your life will be miserable and you will die a poor person. It is better for someone to die before achieving his dreams than to die without dreaming at all. You should make your bad friends to be enemies with your dreams so that in any way they try to divert your dream to a miserable place they would not be able to do so, but listening to their bad advice will ruin your dream and it will be miserable to tell the world. Prove them that you can stand and make self-decision.

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Am a humble gentleman to change the lives of many.

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