Mentoring is a powerful way to learn. Whether mentoring happens informally or through a formal program, it can be magical. So, what is the magic all about? Why are so many people transformed by a mentoring relationship?
Here are my top five reasons:
1. Mentors share their knowledge and help their mentee grow professionally
2. Mentors provide advice
3. Mentors provide objective criticism and helpful feedback
4. Mentors use their experience to help solve a problem in the best way possible
5. Mentors care about their mentees and have a vested interest in their mentee’s success
Part of the magic of mentoring is that it is a symbiotic relationship. Mentors also benefit from the experience. They can be exposed to new ways of thinking or different perspectives. They can further develop their own leadership
skills and often develop both personally and professionally.

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Am a humble gentleman to change the lives of many.

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