My Kenyan Story Part 2
I am writing this story as I celebrate our rugby sevens team for winning the main Cup at Singapore. This is historic. My story continues..It was 8th September 2014 when I joined Maseno university the only university on the Equator line as they use to brand it. During this day I met one of the university staff named Rose Achiando ( a luo). She showed me around and she took me to my room where I met
Kennedy Juma , Ken Xavi Nyamwala and Abiud Ojwang, all Luos. Throughout our stay in the same room we stayed as brothers no matter the tribe I came from. In the next room I met Vincent Odhiambo (luo) Wycky Sanchez (luo) Victor Dhe Muli(kamba). We became friends and brothers who were able to interact freely. Through these friends I was able to know so many people. In my 3rd week in campus I was appointed a class rep by Thomas Mawora Mwakudisa my IT lecturer. Through the appointment many classmates were able to know me. This is where I met Dennis Kevogo , Dennis Achimbo, Stancie Lwoba , Felix Manga, Fanuel Nyongesa, Lairus Otieno and many more other classmates. As I joined campus, the comrades were on a political semester and the aspirants were running up and down hunting for the first year votes, this is where I met Nutt Ongere my hall representative, I also met Mark who was competing with Nutt Ongere in students election. This man Alfred Makotsi who used to call himself the game changer was really a great leader whom I found in Maseno, I remember when he came to my room to campaign and I must say he’s passionate about leadership. This was my first semester although I haven’t captured every bit of it. During my second semester in campus is where I got to know so many people, after completion of high school, I had a dream of becoming a writer, a blogger and a motivational speaker among other things. On 9th June 2015 I started an association for Kericho county students named Kericho county college and university students association, KECCUSA. I started this association because I believe together we can make a difference in this great nation. The same semester I met this great motivational speaker Isaac Maweu through Facebook who always inspired me through his Facebook posts. I remember I commented on one of his posts that I am interested in becoming a great motivational speaker but I don’t know how to start it. He called me immediately and that call up to date open door for so many opportunities to me. If Isaac was tribal I don’t think that those doors could be opened to me, but I’ve realised one thing in life, negative ethnicity can kill dreams. This is where my political journey began, do you wanna know it? Part 3 is coming soon.. I wanna talk about how I became a public figure.

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Am a humble gentleman to change the lives of many.

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