My name is Vincent Kipngeno but most of the people call me Scofield. I am the first born child and the only son of Flossy Kirui. Below is
# MyKenyanStory
I was born and raised up in a decimal village called Kabokyek, Kericho county. After my birth, my mother engaged in various businesses e.g selling of bananas so that she could be able to provide food for the family. I attended Kabokyek Primary school, when I was in class 2 I was joined by my great friend Oremo Nyang’au. I ask myself today that, if I was tribal I couldn’t be a friend to him, we always competed in class and he used to beat me to become number one in class as I came 2nd. In class 3 the competition was stiff he used to defeat me with just some mere marks, but before he left for a boarding school I became so tough and I defeated him. I still remember the marks I had i.e 466/500 and he had 438/500. Oremo still remains my friend up to date. We did most things together. In class 6 my mother transferred me to an academy and that’s where I completed my primary school education and I joined Kericho High school. It was interesting to join high school but it became a nightmare when I faced all sorts of monolisation, thank God for I had a cousin who was in form four, he took care of me well. At Kericho High school I met this teacher called Mr. Mogoa who used to teach Mathematics with great passion, he used to teach us the subject no matter the tribe we came from. In the year 2013 when we received the results for 2012 KCSE candidates we couldn’t believe it since the results for 197 candidates were cancelled. People called us names, some of the students transferred. I thank God I was able to withstand all this challenges because I knew that the future is promising. I completed my secondary school education well and I joined Maseno university to pursue a degree in BSc. Actuarial science… The story has just began

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Am a humble gentleman to change the lives of many.

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