My life: Interesting, boring, creative, irrelevant and sometimes foolish. I am courageous, weak, strong, selfish and cooperative. My success is determined by careful planning, wise strategy. Every day I challenge the unlimited with any skills I have. I must succeed even if failure is inevitable.

I strive every day to expect a victory in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds. I claim pain, fear, defeat and humiliation as my right. I know that fate and destiny are all words used by people who are too lazy to do the work. I’m trying to achieve perfection although that I know there is no perfection in this world.

I refuse to not stop on my own performance. My commitment is to live with the perfection that is in me. My strength never gives up despite falling to earth. I will get up and start again, reinforced only with courage and determination. I will always remember that all of these are my curse, my hope, my pain, my joy, my triumph, my tragedy, my dream, my nightmare, my excuse and my purpose to reach my GOAL!


. It has taken me almost a week to remember my Kenyan story well. Let me take you back before I continue. After I met
Isaac N Maweu through Facebook, he inspired me to begin small and I will achieve more and big. His words inspired me to write a book “DREAM” and it also ignited my creativity in writing articles. When my creativity was ignited, I used to post on Campus Politics Platform Maseno university. Most people used to tell me that I post bigger posts than my body. Posting on CPP made so many comrades with political ambitions look for me. This is where I met Haron Palo a great friend whom I used to blog for. I also met Ricky Thomas Nyakach, Dennis
Amanya Dennis Amanya , Njeru Gichero
Khavulani Fridah Munyola , Brian Mwala, Gideon Wafula,Sam K. Syomane. Meeting this people and many more others made me to know so many comrades and many comrades to know me, making me to be a public figure. Words are really wonderful, after becoming a public figure I became more interested in Campus Politics and I met Evans Kibet who introduced me to campus politics. Without forgetting Kibet Nick Byegon who was a great friend.
It was during last year August when my Facebook account was hacked and I lost so many contacts of my friends on Facebook. I had to create this account to be able to reach my friends again. It was 27th August 2015 when I hosted Kericho County college and university students. I hosted them to see how best we can improve our county. On 28th August, I was invited to give a talk to pupils, students and parents at Kamaas Primary (a place in Kericho). This was the best day of my life since many lives were touched (the photo below). I also donated a book , the optimist creed authored by Gideon K. Mutai, a great friend whose book motivated me to do more. My dream is always is to impact the generation.
Meeting the following people in my life has been a blessing, Justin Amiani, Bonface Oduory(Maseno university President), Beth Wanyoro (VP Maseno university), Christabel Muhonja, Dissy Murugi, Isaac Kinyua, Musila Muoki, Mambo Misiani(Sec Gen SOMU), Felix Nyamweya, Dennis Kheri, Kelly Khadiagala, Sean Wesonga, Abok Isaac, Linus Sang. The list is endless with different people from different tribal affiliations. If tribalism was vested in me, I couldn’t have met these great people and more others. I have summarised this story because it’s a long story, catch up with me in my upcoming book MY LIFE JOURNEY as I tell you about more about this journey I’ve travelled.
I have a dream that one day we shall be able to end tribalism. Be blessed.